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FROM: Québec
The legal aid plan allows financially eligible people to access legal services, in accordance with the Legal Aid Act. Those who wish to benefit from legal aid services must make their request at the...
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FROM: Nova Scotia
You can apply for Legal Aid by calling or visiting your local Legal Aid office (information on the Legal Aid office nearest you on the “Contact Us” page). Please call the local office and advise them...
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FROM: Saskatchewan
Legal Aid Saskatchewan provides a range of legal services to low income individuals in Saskatchewan in the areas of family and criminal law. Those who are eligible can access the service of one of...
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FROM: Manitoba
We provide legal help to people with low incomes. We strive to serve all clients with respect and dignity. Our service is fundamental to a fair and balanced justice system.
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FROM: Ontario
Legal Aid is available to low income individuals and disadvantaged communities for a variety of legal problems, including criminal matters, family disputes, immigration and refugee hearings and...
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