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FROM: Yukon
Yukon Housing Corporation's social housing program is primarily for low-income individuals, families and seniors in need who cannot obtain affordable and suitable housing on the private housing...
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FROM: Saskatchewan
The Social Housing Program offers rental housing, commonly referred to as “social housing”, for people with low incomes or people who are victims of abuse. The rent is based on a tenant’s income —...
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FROM: Newfoundland
Keywords: affordable housing, low income housing
FROM: British Columbia
Aboriginal people are eligible for all programs offered by BC Housing, if they meet specific eligibility requirements. See the BC Housing website for more information.
Keywords: aboriginal housing, affordable housing, low income housing, rental assistance, social housing
FROM: British Columbia
VNHS’s mandate is to provide safe, secure and affordable housing. Although the organization's original and ongoing mandate is to focus on the housing needs of the urban Aboriginal community they have...
Keywords: aboriginal housing, low income housing, social housing