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August 31, 2017
BC Provincial Court and Clicklaw have collaborated to provide you with a curated collection of helpful basics for: Small Claims Court Family Court Criminal Court Each page includes a printable PDF...
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November 4, 2016
Prepared by Mary E. Marrone for the Poverty Law Advocates Network of Canada March 29, 2006 INTRODUCTION This paper was commissioned by a steering committee comprised of poverty law advocates from...
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March 31, 2014
Law Week is a national event held annually celebrating the signing of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The theme for Law Week 2014 is Access to Justice: What does it mean to YOU? There are...
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February 13, 2014
The Canadian Bar Association's National Magazine has published an article entitled "Everyday Justice." The article explains the importance of educating people about the legal system before they need...
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February 6, 2014
The Alberta Queen's Printer site includes links to Alberta's Acts and Regulations.
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Better Legal Information Handbook
November 12, 2013
Available on Clicklaw, this handbook produced by the Community Legal Education Ontario provides tips and tools for community workers who produce legal information for the public. It covers knowing...
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Your Welfare Rights
April 24, 2012
Your Welfare Rights: A Guide to BC Employment and Assistance has been revised and reprinted and is now available to order. This popular booklet is for people in British Columbia who need welfare. It...
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March 6, 2012
This website is a portal, or clearinghouse, of Public Legal Education and Information (PLEI) resources and information for those who are working with and for the migrant workers in the Province of...
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February 9, 2012
The Older Adult Knowledge Network (Oaknet) is a website of the Legal Resource Centre of Alberta. It has information on how Canadian law protects and affects older adults including information on...
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May 30, 2011
LawLine Journal Blog was created to share some of the solutions to the legal problems of callers to LawLINE a phone service of the Legal Services Society for people with low incomes who face legal...
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