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March 26, 2014
Montreal police receive around 140 calls a day involving the homeless or people with mental health issues, and the service needs more help in dealing with these cases, said Montreal police chief Marc...
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March 7, 2014
The Quebec provincial government has granted seasonal agriculture workers the same rights as all workers in Quebec, including the right to join a union. Read more about this court decision in an...
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December 4, 2008
Some provincial governments across Canada have implemented poverty reduction strategies. The following links have information on these strategies.
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December 2, 2008
People living in poverty in the Great Lakes area may be experiencing a higher level of air pollution in their communities, according to a study released by the Pollution Watch project. The study...
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June 28, 2008
Over one hundred Innu families who have been occupying their traditional territories are facing eviction by the Newfoundland and Labrador government. The evictions are seen as part of an ongoing...
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January 30, 2008
CKUT, a community radio station out of McGill University, is hosting a Winter 2008: Homeless Marathon The sixth annual Homelessness Marathon will serve up 14 hours of people-powered radio,...
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April 6, 2007
The Strategic Research and Analysis Directorate at Indian and Northern Affairs Canada has released a report called Levels and Sources of Individual and Household Level Income for Inuit in Canada,...
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March 6, 2007
According to a Statistics Canada report, A Portrait of Seniors in Canada (in HTML and in PDF) although the financial situation of seniors has improved over the past quarter century, senior women who...
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August 18, 2006
June 12, 2002 Vivian Labrie, spokeswoman for a coalition seeking the elimination of poverty QUEBEC (CP) -- The Quebec government introduced legislation Wednesday that would see it spending $1.5...
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August 4, 2006
Dans la Loi sur le soutien du revenu pour assurer la couverture des besoins essentiels de tous en tous. Visitez le site web d'un barème plancher.
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July 6, 2006
During Montreal's summer festival businesses are pressuring the government to remove the city's homeless from the streets. As a result, the local police are handing out more tickets to homeless...
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May 3, 2006
Quebec's minimum wage increased by 15 cents today. Workers are criticizing this so-called wage "hike" saying that it is not high enough to cover their basic costs of living. See the Montreal Gazette...
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April 1, 2006
Vivre Saint-Michel en Santé, a community revitalization initiative in the Montreal neighbourhood of Saint-Michel, has created a new offshoot organization to work specifically on projects that will...
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November 3, 2005
Réseau Solidarité Itinérance du Québec (RSIQ) is distributing a petition, of sorts, in the form of a declaration that asserts "By collective responsibility, we also understand that a person is not...
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December 3, 2004
The Liberals put forward a bill whose intent is to provide financially rewards to those individuals on welfare who re-enter the work force or who try to find a job. However, it has been criticized by...
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October 16, 2004
The Quebec government is cutting welfare payments to those recipents who are young, able bodied and living with their parents. The government says that the cut is a money saving measure and a way to...
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September 3, 2004
Substance use and homelessness are factors associated with death among street youth in Montreal, according to a study in the August 4 issue of JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, a...
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July 5, 2004
Quebec's Liberals suggested that Landlords may have the ability to take welfare checks away from tenants who are benhind on their rent payments. Many people are horrified by this suggestion. Many...
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April 3, 2004
In what it calls a revolution in the way it deals with poverty, the Quebec government will start offering cash incentives rather than coercion to get welfare recipients into the work force. The...
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February 1, 2004
What are the implications of the Supreme Court of Canada in decision in Gosselin, for future anti-poverty litigation? In an upcoming issue of Canadian Journal of Women and the Law, a case comment by...
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