Taxi Saver Program

BC Transit and TransLink



The Taxi Saver Program provides registered handyDART clients with greater convenience for spontaneous travel when handyDART cannot accommodate their travel needs.

This program provides a 50 per cent subsidy toward the cost of taxi rides. Passengers use coupons for taxi travel by booking directly with a participating taxi company, without having to pre-plan the trip.

Taxi Saver coupons are sold to any adult who has been issued a BC Transit handyPass or TransLink HandyCard which is available to any permanent registered HandyDART user.

Search on the BC Transit site for the Taxi Saver information in your community:

1. Go to the BC Transit website:
2. Click on your community, e.g. "Victoria".
3. Under the "Rider Info" tab, select "HandyDART".
4. Under the "HandyDART" tab, select "Taxi Saver". This page will provide information on the Taxi Saver program in your local community.

Victoria Taxi Saver Program:

Prince George