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September 23, 2014
Press Project is a project of the Broadbent Institute is a daily roundup of news and progressive analysis.
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February 6, 2014
Homeless Man Speaks is a thoughtful and sometimes humourous blog of the short conversations that happen between a homeless man, Tony and his friend, Philip, in Toronto. Tony passed away in 2011.
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February 5, 2014
Life on the P List Blog is a British Columbian woman chronicling the issues she deals with while living under the poverty line.
Keywords: Blogs, poverty, British Columbia
February 3, 2014
The following blogs have daily news stories on homelessness, social housing, the upcoming Olympics and other poverty-related issues in Vancouver and across BC. Check them out to find out what is...
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December 17, 2013
The writer of this blog writes about economic inequality and their perceptions as to what keeps people poor and/or homeless based on their own experience as well as what they've read about poverty.
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July 2, 2013
A Vancouver artist and activist, shares stories and photos of some of the work she has done in the Downtown Eastside for the last 20 years and how the community is changing with gentrification.
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May 10, 2013
A blog written by a former writer, illustrator and graphic designer, now living rough in Vancouver. He blogs about binning, bicycles, computers, anime, his experience as a homeless person,...
Keywords: Blogs, Homelessness, British Columbia
March 1, 2013
Blog for the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness.
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April 20, 2012
The Edmonton Social Planning Council has an Issue Brief Blog that they will be updating regularly with commentaries on a variety of current and topical issues. In addition, film and book reviews will...
Keywords: Alberta, Blogs, Government Policy, Poverty Research, social issues
October 17, 2011
From PeacockPoverty: PeacockPoverty is a collection of individuals with an experience of poverty who join together to share knowledge, strength, talent and wisdom with each other and our friends....
Keywords: Blogs, Homelessness, Human Rights, Media, Organizing, Poverty Research, Unemployment, Welfare, General resources, Multimedia, All of Canada, International
June 1, 2011
Frances Bula, a former Vancouver Sun reporter, writes the State of Vancouver blog. The blog has stories and opinion pieces on city politics, the Downtown Eastside, homelessness and other Vancouver...
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June 1, 2011
Challenging the Commonplace is a blog by two social researchers with stories on a variety of issues including poverty and homelessness.
Keywords: Blogs, Homelessness, Media, All of Canada
June 1, 2011
Policy Note is a blog that delivers timely, progressive commentary on issues that affect British Columbians, including the economy, poverty, inequality, climate change, provincial budgets, taxes,...
Keywords: Blogs, Government Policy, public policy, British Columbia
June 1, 2011
This is an artists photoblog of homelessness in Toronto.
Keywords: Art and Culture, Blogs, Homelessness, Ontario
June 1, 2011
The Prince Edward Island Advisory Council on the Status of Women is an arms-length from government advisory agency. The nine members of Council are appointed by government to work for equality and to...
Keywords: Blogs, gender equality, Women, Prince Edward Island
June 1, 2011
Penny Goldsmith, PovNet’s Executive Coordinator, has been awarded the Carold Institute’s Allan Thomas Fellowship to Promote Civil Society and Voluntary Action to document the history of PovNet as a...
Keywords: Blogs, social change, British Columbia, All of Canada
June 1, 2011
BC LawMatters is a blog for public librarians in BC who are participating in the LawMatters project, which will provide all British Columbian residents with local access to basic legal information at...
Keywords: Blogs, Legal Research, librarians, British Columbia
June 1, 2011
The Alliance to End Homelessness is a coalition of community stakeholders in Ottawa committed to working collaboratively to end homelessness by gaining and promoting a better understanding of...
Keywords: Blogs, Homelessness, Ontario
June 1, 2011
F-email Fightback is a feminist blog about taking action on issues that affect women in Canada. The byline is "Harper’s Conservatives want women to stay home and be quiet...We refuse!"
Keywords: Blogs, Women, All of Canada
June 1, 2011
Peel Poverty Action Group is composed of service providers, advocates and individuals working towards the elimination of poverty in the Region of Peel.
Keywords: Blogs, Organizing, Ontario
May 30, 2011
Spirit of Warrior Harriet Nahanee is a blog dedicated to actions and analysis surrounding the legacy of Harriet Nahanee, an elder who died working to expose and resist the destruction of the Olympics...
Keywords: Blogs, Indigenous, Organizing, British Columbia
May 30, 2011
Picture the Homeless Blog is a housing, homelessness & policy blog. Picture the Homeless is a grassroots organization, founded and led by homeless people. We are organizing for social justice...
Keywords: Blogs, Homelessness, New York, Organizing, United States
May 30, 2011
LawLine Journal Blog was created to share some of the solutions to the legal problems of callers to LawLINE a phone service of the Legal Services Society for people with low incomes who face legal...
Keywords: Blogs, Legal Info (PLEI), British Columbia
May 30, 2011
Homeless Nation, a website created for and by homeless people in Canada, hosts blogs for people living in poverty. You can read other blogs or sign up and get your own blog.
Keywords: Blogs, Homelessness, Media, United States
May 30, 2011
Squatter City Blog is a blog about squatters and squatter cities around the world written by a New York-based writer who spent two years living in squatter communities in four continents.
Keywords: Blogs, Homelessness, Housing, squatters, International
May 30, 2011
No Excuse: The Poverty Project is a blog managed and mostly written by Hamilton Spectator poverty beat reporter, Bill Dunphy, and is part of the paper's larger Poverty Project. The blog has daily...
Keywords: Blogs, Media, Poverty Research, Ontario
May 30, 2011
Finding our Way Home was David Chudnovsky's blog on his tour of the province as the NDP MLA BC Critic for Homelessness and Mental Health between 2007 - 2009.
Keywords: Blogs, Homelessness, British Columbia
May 30, 2011
The New York City Hunger Blog is a blog for the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, an umbrella organization representing New York City's over 1,200 soup kitchens and food pantries and their over...
Keywords: Blogs, Foodbanks and Food, Health, New York City, United States
May 30, 2011
Intercontinental Cry is a blog with an extensive international list of blogs, media, technology and news sites with an focus on indigenous issues.
Keywords: Blogs, Indigenous, Media, International
May 30, 2011
Fredericton Peace Coalition Weblog is an extensive blog dealing with issues of war, poverty, violence, inequity, and injustice.
Keywords: Blogs, Organizing, New Brunswick
May 30, 2011
Streams of Justice is a faith-based Vancouver blog with many articles on homelessness, poverty and other social justice issues.
Keywords: Blogs, Homelessness, British Columbia
May 30, 2011
The Poverty News Blog has news and links about the struggle of the poor around the world.
Keywords: Blogs, Media, Poverty Research, International
May 30, 2011
Formerly Homeless is a blog about the homeless and homelessness in Canada written by a formerly homeless social/community worker.
Keywords: Blogs, Homelessness, British Columbia, All of Canada
May 29, 2011
The Social Policy Cafe is a new blog, created to have a conversation about social policy in a non-partisan, respectful way.
Keywords: Blogs, Poverty Research, All of Canada
May 29, 2011
Cathy Crowe has been a street nurse in Toronto for over 15 years. She published a newsletter hoping to report on her activities, create a link to a broader group of individuals who care about these...
Keywords: Blogs, Homelessness, Housing, Ontario
May 29, 2011
Homeless Nation is a non-profit endeavor founded by Daniel Cross, a documentary filmmaker whose films deal with social justice and Canada's homeless. In the making of his films "The Street" and "S.P....
Keywords: Blogs, Homelessness, Organizing, Multimedia, All of Canada
May 29, 2011
Strategic Thoughts is a blog run by David Schreck. It provides in-depth analysis of the BC Government's new policies and legislation.
Keywords: Blogs, Government Policy, Organizing, Workers' Rights, British Columbia
February 8, 2011
The ELAN (Electronic Legal Aid News) blog is intended primarily for community workers, other intermediaries, librarians, and the general public. It focuses primarily on promoting Legal Services...
Keywords: Blogs, Legal Aid, Legal Info (PLEI), British Columbia
January 26, 2011
Peacock Poverty is a blog written collectively by a group of individuals with experiences of poverty who have joined together to share knowledge, strength, talent and wisdom with each other and their...
Keywords: Blogs, lived experience, living in poverty, Poverty Research, All of Canada
December 22, 2010
The Mainlander is a Metro Vancouver online publication dedicated to the coverage of municipal politics, housing and homelessness, policing, arts and culture and more. The Mainlander aims to: provide...
Keywords: Blogs, Government Policy, Homelessness, Housing, Media, online magazine, British Columbia