October 13, 2010
Under Solidarité sociale services, financial assistance is granted to individuals and families incapable of meeting their needs without help. Through active partnership, Solidarité sociale also...
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April 26, 2010
Afin d'assurer la protection du public, le Barreau du Québec maximise les liens de confiance entre les avocats et les avocates, le public et l'État. Pour ce faire, le Barreau surveille l'exercice de...
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February 25, 2009
CKUT, a non-profit campus community radio station owned by the students of McGill University and operated almost entirely by its volunteer membership, has an annual Homelessness Marathon that is 14...
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January 24, 2009
The legal aid plan allows financially eligible people to access legal services, in accordance with the Legal Aid Act. Those who wish to benefit from legal aid services must make their request at the...
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December 4, 2008
Some provincial governments across Canada have implemented poverty reduction strategies. The following links have information on these strategies.
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December 2, 2008
People living in poverty in the Great Lakes area may be experiencing a higher level of air pollution in their communities, according to a study released by the Pollution Watch project. The study...
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June 28, 2008
Over one hundred Innu families who have been occupying their traditional territories are facing eviction by the Newfoundland and Labrador government. The evictions are seen as part of an ongoing...
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January 30, 2008
CKUT, a community radio station out of McGill University, is hosting a Winter 2008: Homeless Marathon The sixth annual Homelessness Marathon will serve up 14 hours of people-powered radio,...
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April 6, 2007
The Strategic Research and Analysis Directorate at Indian and Northern Affairs Canada has released a report called Levels and Sources of Individual and Household Level Income for Inuit in Canada,...
Keywords: Article , Indigenous, News, Poverty Research, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Québec
March 6, 2007
According to a Statistics Canada report, A Portrait of Seniors in Canada (in HTML and in PDF) although the financial situation of seniors has improved over the past quarter century, senior women who...
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