food security

March 14, 2014
"Groundswell: A Guide to Building Food Security in Rural Communities" is a guide on food security. It contains lots of useful information and links to tools and resources to help you reach out to...
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Feeding my family
April 2, 2013
The Feeding My Family group has been working to bring awareness to the fact that the high cost of food is preventing many Northerners from living healthy, happy and productive lives. From Northern...
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Inuit Food Security
April 24, 2012
Winter 2010/2011 brought extreme environmental conditions throughout the Canadian Arctic. This slideshow site uses images and text to show the results of a project that determines whether these...
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June 19, 2009
The Tyee has published a two part series on food security in poor neighbourhoods like the Downtown Eastside. The first article explores the kitchen at the Carnegie Community Centre which provides low...
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