August 17, 2016
A BC based website with videos, FAQs, and resources aimed at helping you with Income Assistance, Tenancy, Disability and more.
Keywords: Online Resource , Employment Insurance (EI), Housing and Tenancy, Welfare, British Columbia, Gateways
February 7, 2014
This online resource has extensive links to NWT government websites.
Keywords: Online Resource , nwt, Gateways, Northwest Territories, General resources
February 6, 2014
This online resource has extensive links to Newfoundland & Labrador government websites.
Keywords: Online Resource , Newfoundland, Gateways
February 6, 2014
This online resource provides extensive links to Manitoba government websites.
Keywords: Online Resource , Manitoba, Gateways
February 3, 2014
The Canadian online resource has extensive links to BC government web sites.
Keywords: Online Resource , government website links, British Columbia, Gateways, Government information
Legal Rights for Youth
July 11, 2012
This website addresses the legal needs of youth by providing information about their legal rights. The site helps youth understand how laws apply to them and where they can get help. Topics include:...
Keywords: Online Resource , crime, driving, family breakup, Legal Info, work, Youth, youth rights, British Columbia, Factsheets and FAQs, Gateways, Manuals and guides
March 6, 2012
This website is a portal, or clearinghouse, of Public Legal Education and Information (PLEI) resources and information for those who are working with and for the migrant workers in the Province of...
Keywords: Online Resource , Employment, Immigrants and Refugees, Immigrants/Refugees/Newcomers, Legal Info, Legal Info (PLEI), migrant workers, migrant workers, PLEI, PLEI, Workers' Rights, British Columbia, Gateways
First Nations in BC
February 17, 2012
The goals of the Portal include collaboration, open communication and the sharing of experiences, tools & resources including key documents such as policies, plans, etc. created by First Nations...
Keywords: Online Resource , Aboriginal/First Nations/Inuit, Case studies, First Nations communities and organizations, Indigenous, Templates, British Columbia, Directories, Gateways, General resources
December 6, 2011
Your Legal Rights is a website of legal information for people in Ontario. This site has free, practical, and easy-to-find legal information produced by hundreds of organizations across Ontario and...
Keywords: Online Resource , Debt and Consumer Law, Disability, Health, Immigrants/Refugees/Newcomers, Legal Info, legal information, Welfare, Women, Youth, Gateways, Ontario
May 27, 2011
The Homeless Nation's resource page has a listing of resources available categorized by Province.
Keywords: Online Resource , Homelessness, Housing and Tenancy, Gateways, All of Canada
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